How to Epoxy Your Garage Floor

A DIY Tutorial

If you are considering having an epoxy floor installed in your garage or contemplating doing it yourself, please take some time and review our site. 

I am a floor coating contractor who has assembled information to instruct even a novice on how to properly install epoxy on their own garage floor.  This information I believe is critical to anyone who wants to have an epoxy floor.  The major paint companies and large big box home improvement retailers have brilliantly marketed and sold do-it-yourself kits to countless homeowners with a very poor product offering.

They have incorrectly assumed that the average property owner cannot competently install professional products with professional results.  I am here to tell you that they are wrong and you can do it.  It is more work to correctly install superior products with superior results, but the results will reflect.

I have quoted numerous garage floors as a contractor for epoxy work after the homeowner installed a poor quality big box store epoxy kit.  There is just no comparison between a high quality epoxy and those typically sold to the do it yourselfer. 

Another aspect which has prevented the homeowner from using the right products on their garage floor is the lack of information and lack of product which is typically a protected market and sold only to contractors.

Our site breaks the task down in excruciating detail leaving little to the imagination.  You will feel confident before ever cracking a pail of epoxy that you can do it, and you will be most pleased with the results if you follow my directions.

The table of contents listed on the right contains step by step instructions for completing the job from start to finish.


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